Rt 22 Stor-All - Storage Facility | Harrisburg, PA

A place for everything

vehicle outside storage security RT 22 Stor-All Gate storage units

Since 1986, Rt 22 Stor-All has retained its status as a family-owned and operated business. Since we're not nationally owned, we are able to run our establishment independently and that means more personal attention for you. Plus you get the added bonus of authorized U-Haul benefits and other local business services (see our Extras page) on site.

Easily accessible from the highway, Rt 22 Stor-All lives up to its name in all ways. You can turn in to our lot while traveling in either direction. Once here, you can peruse our variety of units so that you can be sure of how much space you need to rent.

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"A Place for Everything"




25% OFF your first 2 months of rent for a 5 x 5,

5 x 10, or 5 x 15 units with 2 months paid in full.